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By using massage & movement our mission incorporates a holistic approach to health & wellness.

We understand that every body is different so each treatment is tailored to you & your wellness. We offer a range of treatments, so no matter your concern we create a treatment plan completely personalised to you. Our top priority is to allieviate pain & discomfort, relieve tension, release tight muscles and have you moving more freely & feeling your best self again!

Enjoy your life. Leave your aches & pains behind!

*New clients will need to make an 'initial appointment' booking - This appointment includes a consult which runs for 1 HR and 15 MIN*

Shoulder Massage

Remedial massage

Our remedial Massage treatments include:
Deep tissue, trigger point therapy,
myofascial release and stretching.

By using a vast array of techniques we are able to treat muscles, joints & connective tissue of the body to assist in decreasing pain, injury and rehabilitation.


Remedial massage can also improve circulation, increase range of motion of joints, repair damaged tissue, balance muscle and tendon tone and tension, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, improve posture. It can also alleviate chronic pain conditions, prevent and manage sports and soft tissue injuries, release tension and tightness in the muscles, increase blood flow and oxygen to treatment area.

Foot Reflexology


Reflexology is a type of massage that applies gentle pressure to specific points along your feet.
It's based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.

The benefits of Reflexology include reduction in stress & anxiety, lifts your mood, reduces pain, improvement in blood circulation.

Our Reflexology treatment will stimulate
the body's natural healing process - It's sure
to enhance your well-being.


Starting with a relaxing foot spa, let me look after your feet in the best possible way...


   There are different theories about the exact way that reflexology works. The main concept is that different areas of the feet are linked to specific body parts, and that putting pressure on one area of the foot can have an effect on the organ that it corresponds with.

Foot Reflexology
Back Massage


Melt away tension and allow your natural energy
to flow by sending waves of relaxation through your entire body with our gentle full body Swedish
massage relaxation treatment.

All movement are slow, rhythmic and flowing, easing away tension and leaving in it's place a sense of calmess and well-being.

You will walk out floating on air.

Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial Cupping is the process of using cups that are placed or glided along the skin to create negative pressure. This negative pressure gently lifts & separates the soft connective tissue underneath.


This can help to increase rich blood flow, gives
a gentle & passive stretch, reduces restrictive fascia adhesions & helps to maintain range of motion
through your joints.


We also add in functional movement patterns to bring even more benefit & results to your treatment.


Jane Kitson

I love how Corinne over the course of our sessions, was not afraid to try new techniques in order to get the best results for me. It is apparent that she wants to continue to learn and grow in a field she is very passionate about. After my experience with Corinne, she is the only massage therapist I will go to, and recommend. It is difficult to believe that her journey in massage has only just begun! It feels as though she has had years and years of experience. She genuinely cares for her clients and wants the best for them.
What more could you ask for?

Massage client

I had originally seen Corinne for issues with my right shoulder. From the very first session, it was clear that she was incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how different parts are connected, leading to pain and restriction. Because of this, she was able to suggest the best massage technique to alleviate my shoulder issues. It was definitely not a one-size-fits all approach! She took the time to really listen to my concerns and then come up with targeted solutions to help me. I felt I was in good hands from the start. It was a comfortable and calm space and I felt completely relaxed.
Something I often struggle with.
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